Design Thinking – Services Case Study

This client of ours runs amusement park and resort. The resort hosts attractions like water park, amusement park, cultural programs etc. The visitors are of mainly two categories, families and school kids on picnic. We were approached for an assignment to improve customer experience.

There were mainly two challenges. When the resort started operating, there were no other amusement or entertainment parks in the geographical vicinity and the resort enjoyed a monopoly like situation. However, the competition started growing gradually and that impacted the business. Secondly, during initial period, the resort mainly catered to the family crowd but at a later stage school picnics became an equally big contributor to the business and that came with a totally different set of challenges than those of family visitors.

Being in hospitality business, customer feedback was the most important element for improving customer experience. We not only redesigned the customer feedback form but also used technology to get almost the real time feedback. The technology also helped us to analyze huge amount of data in multiple ways. While it was easy to understand the feedback received from the family clientele, the same failed to provide any insights into the needs of school children. The children were not able to respond to the feedback and that provided by teachers could not represent the experience of children. So, we had to depend on ‘observation’ element of empathy. We not only observed the children in live setup but also viewed hours of CCTV footage to understand the problems faced by children while using various facilities. This provided us with multiple insights on usability, safety, interactivity and so on. We could also understand the aspects of food expectation and appreciation by various clientele. we conducted multiple workshops for the staff not only to make them aware of customer needs and expectations but also to change their mindset towards customers. We used multiple visual inputs in the form of videos and photographs in situ for the same.

We worked with the client for one whole season spread over 9 months. During that period, our interventions helped the client to redesign many facilities, introduce new attractions, modify food options and create much improved customer experience resulting in increased footfall with large number of repeat clienteles.