Digital Disruption

Digital Disruption

New and powerful technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, Web 3.0, Blockchain etc. are the biggest disruptive forces seen by the industry in a generation. No sector is immune from its effects. We will help you – the decision makers of your enterprise – to lead the change management efforts in terms of formulating your business strategy, to understand the transition challenges, know about the underlying technologies, and help contextualize them for your business and the industry environment.

Metaverse for New Business Opportunities

A unique program for forward thinking leaders

Since Facebook rebranded as Meta in late October 2021 and Microsoft CEO indicated that this is their next big bet, the talk about “the Metaverse” is everywhere. But what exactly is Metaverse? Is it really the next market opportunity for the industry or just a gimmick ? This program is meant for managers to know about this new wave, what it is and what it is not, and what may be the opportunities for the industry. It will equip you enough to ask the right questions and make informed business decisions about the opportunities afforded by metaverse, what others are doing, and what may be the risks.

Target Participants
CxOs, business strategy owners, deep tech leaders, marketing professionals involved in strategic decision making.

Building Digital Transformation Roadmap

An intensive hands-on workshop for mid and senior level management
The pace of innovation is accelerating and there is increasing competition not only from industry rivals but also from non-traditional competitors. New competitions may emerge from different business segments (for example, cloud based solutions vs expensive ERP software), new geographies (China, Korea and Japan in consumer electronics), and disruptive technologies (app based taxis and rooms vs traditional fleet management companies and hotels). These can have significant and far reaching consequences for your business. This impacts not only your products, but also services delivery, business operations, shop floor management, employee management etc. The workshop introduces tools and techniques for thinking about and evaluating new technologies and systems in terms of the business strategy. Also called technology road mapping, this workshop provides the participants with the latest tools and processes extensively used in aerospace and other high-tech industries. This includes templates to develop roadmaps, evaluate trade-offs, develop relevant figures of merits, and elements of business case development. The program also discusses the role of competitive business intelligence, IP, and systematic scouting. Target Participants This workshop is designed for mid to senior level technology and strategy executives .

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Business

An insightful and practical program for senior management

By all accounts, the pace of technological change is accelerating. These changes are affecting industry after industry in ways not seen before. Added to all this are the jargon and the hype surrounding the impact of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML). This program is meant to demystify and de-hype the technology, scope, limitations and its applications specifically in industrial sector. It is intended to equip the decision makers to ask the right questions and make strategic decisions about the use of AI for their business.

Target Participants

Senior management involved in strategic decision making and implementation.

Customer Insights through Analytics

A workshop for decision makers and executives in customer-facing functions and in product and service development
More the organizations know about their customers, the better they can serve them. New ways of learning about customers using digital technologies have helped many organizations customize their offerings and drive growth. This program is designed to help participants understand how the data produced by Social Media, Internet of Things (IoT), as well as, by traditional customer relationships, is analyzed and interpreted to get better customer insights and improve decision making. Relevant cases studies along with hands-on exercises are a major part of this program. Target Participants Marketing heads, sales heads, business unit heads and heads of new product development.

Transitioning to Industry 4.0

A workshop for manufacturing professionals focusing on transitional challenges of Industry 4.0
If you are in the manufacturing industry and have not heard of Industry 4.0 (or have been confused by the term), then this workshop is for you! If you are part of global supply chains or hope to compete globally, then Industry 4.0 may be the most important transformative shift for your business and career. This workshop will cover what is Industry 4.0 and how we got here, help you de-mystifying the jargon surrounding the similar sounding terms such as I4.0, Industrial Internet, Digital Transformation, Smart Factory etc. We will also cover the global landscape, trends, and technologies behind Industry 4.0. The workshop will introduce decision framework and tools to assess operational challenges in transitioning your existing operations to Industry 4.0 maturity standards. Target Participants Engineering, technology and R&D personnel in manufacturing industry, production and supply chain professionals, and those responsible for new product development.