Leadership Mindset

Leadership Mindset

Leadership is about inspiring people to achieve extraordinary things. To make positive impact on the business, leaders must have the right mindset to go beyond chaos and provide clarity. Our sessions help leaders become more aware of their thinking biases, enhance their strategic thinking capabilities and build a growth mindset. Our leadership programs make them think holistically and transform their thinking to build a shaper’s mindset and to anticipate and face current and future challenges.

Growth Mindset

One day workshop on building a growth mindset for better business results

Most people have fixed mindsets, however, the research conducted over last 20 years show that people who possess a growth mindset do significantly better and deliver better results for organizations. This one-day program helps companies understand true meaning of growth mindset and helps them build a roadmap for adopting it. 

The program will help participants to understand what is growth mindset and how to build and apply it in business environment. It will also provide an insight of how other organizations have use Growth Mindset to build successful businesses.

Target Participants
Senior Leaders, VPs, and Managers from various functions with 8 to 10 years of experience and significant responsibilities.

Customer Centricity

A training workshop for senior executives in customer facing roles

Today, many organizations use a siloed approach to serve their customers. However, most customers are looking for greater convenience through a single window of service. This requires a different mindset and a more customer-centric delivery organization. This workshop is designed to help participants understand the steps necessary to transform their businesses and offer superior customer experience. It is also designed to discuss the challenges associated with this transition. Case studies of companies with successful Customer Centric approaches will also be discussed.

Target Participants
Senior leaders from various functional areas, such as marketing, sales, operations with significant business responsibilities. Functional and business unit heads.

Strategic Thinking

A workshop for senior managers and leaders
Today, most managers and leaders spend over 90% of their time dealing with operational issues. Day-to-day firefighting issues leave them no time to think about the future of their business. They focus more on operational excellence and less on embracing new ideas and risk-taking. Our two-day workshop provides insights on how to overcome thinking biases, how to build critical thinking skill and how to connect the dots to achieve business growth. Various tools and techniques are also discussed to become a better strategic thinker. In addition, participants analyse relevant business situations & learn from them.

Target Participants
Mid-to-senior level leaders with significant business growth responsibilities. Functional and business unit heads

Thinking Digital

A two-day workshop to learn how to become a valued partner of your customer.

Today, customers of IT companies have become more demanding. Most business-to-business customers are looking for highly engaging relationships and expecting more value from their IT service providers. This means IT service companies must understand their customers’ business better and suggest solutions that would enhance the growth and the profitability of their customers. Consultative Skills Training program is specifically designed for IT services companies. Participants in the program would understand what it takes to become a better consultant, a better salesperson and a better adviser.

Target Participants
Delivery managers, Pre-sales, Client Relationship managers and Senior managers from functions, such as sales, marketing or any other customer facing roles.

Critical Thinking and Decision Making

A workshop to understand the importance and use of Critical thinking for better decision making
In today’s world, managers and leaders are bombarded with information from multiple sources. The decision makers are expected to sift through this information quickly, analyze it, and make smart decisions. This puts tremendous pressure on them and make them vulnerable to poor decision making. This two-day workshop will help leaders to go through a structured thinking process to conceptualize, analyze, interpret and evaluate relevant information. Program will also help participants understand how to think critically about business issues and improve their decision- making process.

Target Participants
Senior managers and leaders who analyse information and make business decisions.