Customer Centricity & Innovation

Customer Centricity & Innovation

Customer Centricity & Innovation – Customer centricity coupled with Innovation creates an organization that is agile, focused and flexible. Leaders working in such culture think differently and strive to excel in finding innovative solutions for customer delight.

Koinvent’s framework for business growth is based on three critical elements –  Growth Mindset , Customer Engagement, and Digital Technologies (GCD framework). It helps companies build an Innovative and Customer- centric culture within their organizations.

Customer Centricity

A training workshop for senior executives in customer facing roles

Today, many organizations use a siloed approach to serve their customers. However, most customers are looking for greater convenience through a single window of service. This requires a different mindset and a more customer-centric delivery organization. This workshop is designed to help participants understand the steps necessary to transform their businesses and offer superior customer experience. It is also designed to discuss the challenges associated with this transition. Case studies of companies with successful Customer Centric approaches will also be discussed.

Target Participants
Senior leaders from various functional areas, such as marketing, sales, operations with significant business responsibilities. Functional and business unit heads.

Design Thinking and Innovation

A workshop for product and process designers and practitioners

This two-day workshop is designed to cover concepts, processes and applications of design thinking. It focuses on how design thinking can be used by organizations for innovation and problem solving. The emphasis is on ‘learning by doing’ through activities that help explain the structured approach to design thinking. Applying design thinking to real life business problems is covered during captive workshops.

Target Participants
These sessions are useful for all associates involved in defining product/service requirements, designing, quality control, policy and process definitions etc. for all types of functions and industries.

Leveraging Start-ups for Innovation

Collaborating with start-up ecosystem to create innovative solutions. Fast.

Many large organizations find it difficult to build agility and innovation culture within the organization. Start-up ecosystem offers collaboration opportunities for building solutions quickly and taking them to the markets. This program offered by Koinvent helps participants to understand start-up culture and working with them to create win-win situation. Koinvent also provides handholding options to implement Action Learning Projects.

Target Participants
Functional heads, product and program managers, design leads, SCM managers.

PoC Journey – From Ideas to Scale

A program designed to positively impact business growth

Every forward looking organization has “Proof-of-Concept (PoC)” projects. A lot of energy, time, and resources are expended on such projects. However, decision makers and business leaders complain about the lack of impact of such efforts on business topline and bottomline.

Designed and taught by experienced industry professionals, this program takes the participants on a journey from PoC to scaling up. They learn best practices on generating useful “concepts”, how to evaluate those and make sure they fit in the operating business processes. The participants will also learn what constitutes a reasonable “proof”, and how to build, refine, and develop a pipeline of ideas. The program will also cover the dangers of “death by PoCs”, and important considerations in successful scaling up of ideas to achieve business impact.

Target Participants
Senior managers, Program Managers from R&D, Engineering, Manufacturing Sourdesign-thinking-facilitator-trainingcing etc.